"Sicily Culture - Sicilian Community London" is my cultural project to share ideas and stories regarding Sicily's magnificent heritage. You will find news about arts, Sicilian cultural events in London, travel advices, tips and all about going Sicilian. Plus, as a community will avoid stereotypes and we will stand together for a better picture of Sicily abroad. We need it, don't we?  

At the moment it is a FB group, please get in touch if you want to be part of it. Join our FB page, follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

The name is an homage to the past exhibition "Sicily, Culture and Conquest" at the British Museum: my aim is to create a space where the community can meet and grow, continuing the good vibe created by the exhibition.  Also, Sicily was named "Best for Culture" by the Independent last year (this is my article in Italian about that).

The hashag is #SicilyCulture.